Prescribing Compounded Medication

Since Compounded medications are made specifically for each patient, this means that the specifications must be provided in the prescription:

– How many doses per day is preferred by the patient
– The route of administration may also be specified. (topical, oral, or sublingual)
– We will then formulate the customized prescription based on prescriber recommendation, patient preference, and pharmacist consultation.

4 Ways To Order A Compounded Prescription

Next Step

After receiving a customized compounded prescription order for your patient, we will then contact them or their guardian using the information that your staff has provided. Your patient will be notified of the cost, and we will arrange pick up or shipment. We do not bill insurance but will provide your patient a universal claim form upon request. Due to the compounded medication being customized for each patient, we do require payment prior to making which we will arrange when initially contacting them.

Our Mission

We believe in spending time with our customers to do all we can to help them feel their best. This includes working directly with their healthcare practitioner, routine follow ups to monitor symptoms, yearly testing (or more if needed) for our hormone replacement therapy customers, providing information regarding the customers prescriptions, supplements and more.

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