Andropause is also known as male menopause and is the result of a decrease in Testosterone in the man’s body. Andropause can begin as early as the mid-30’s for men. Symptoms tend to occur gradually over time and so can sometimes be ignored until they are more severe.

Symptoms of Andropause

A decreased production in Testosterone is a large part of andropause. An increase in estrogen can add to the symptoms. While men do need a small amount of estrogen, during andropause, conversion of testosterone to estrogen can increase. DHEA is another important hormone that decreases during the aging process and adds to the list of symptoms that a man can experience.

Symptoms of Andropause include:

Decreased sex drive
Decreased stamina and endurance
Enlarged breasts
Erectile dysfunction
Lack of Motivation
Loss of muscle mass
Weight gain

Low Testosterone can also impact bone health and heart health.

These symptoms can affect each man in a different way and the severity of the symptoms can be variable. If symptoms are affecting your quality of life, it may be time to consider compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Replacing what is missing, in the amount that is right for you could be the answer.

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